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Subotić & Jevtic Attorneys at Law gave a lecture on "dawn raid by the Commission for Protection of Competition"


Within CFOAS monthly meeting held on March 15, 2018 at Crowne Plaza, Subotić & Jevtic Attorneys at Law, partner Milica Subotić gave a lecture to the members of CFOAS on theme “dawn raid by the Commission for Protection of Competition”.

Some of the issues that are openly discussed were: What is the violation of competition and what are the risks for companies and employees in the case of violation? How does Commission reveals a violation of competition? How to be prepared for the dawn raid? What power does the Commission have? What are the rights of the company that is inspected? What is the role of the financial sector of the company? What after the dawn raid?

Milica has indicated that the Commission has significant powers during the dawn raid as well as that the process is not uniformed and depends on many circumstances. Therefore, it is essential that every company has clear procedure how management and employees should behave. In this way company reduces the risk of possible mistakes which might cost ca company a lot in the future.

Subotić & Jevtić Attorneys at Law has become an official CFO Association of Serbia(CFOAS) partner in the sphere of legal services


CFOAS ( is a business association founded in 2014 in Belgrade, devoted to the professional development of financial managers and strengthening their operations in Serbia.

Main objectives of the Association are increasing individual performances and the interconnection of its members and strengthening the role of the Association in the economical field and institutions of importance. CFOAS members manage finance sector in companies that generate EUR 4 billion in revenue and employ 30,000 people.

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